Mesh displays well in Playground but wrong in my Angular app

I try to load an obj file with SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer method. everything works well in Playground, but things went wrong in my Angular app.
Below is the model shown in Playground, There are two meshes in the model, one is red and the other is green.

However, when I load this model in my Angular app, meshes become strange. the red mesh and green mesh “conflict” with each other.

Here is the Playground which works well: But my Angular app is a huge project so I can’t show it. Below is some of codes of Angular app, hope it will help.

I have tried many ways, but I just can’t figure it out. Can anyone help me please T_T

you have face in same position

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Thank you for you reply. I finally figured it out, it’s a camera.minZ case. I set a too small minZ value, which cause the wrong display effect.