Meta Quest 2 vs. Pico 4 - VR Games

I have the intention to buy a Meta Quest 2 and wanted to ask you if you have had more good or bad experiences with it and what I need in terms of accessories and configuration to be fully equipped to enjoy the virtual world.

I wear glasses, is there any difficulty because of this?

It is said that I need a compatible gaming PC to access the Rift library. What does that mean exactly?

One of the first applications I want to use with it is to improve my language skills with ImmerseMe Language Learning App


I experienced the Meta Quest 2 I’ve purchased a couple months ago. I don’t know if this will help as it might be more of a personal experience/expectation and not the device itself.

Actually not impressed at all. For starters resolution wise it sucks, and having a heavy thing squeezed to my face ( I don’t have the headset add-on some recommend to improve that) is something I don’t feel is a good experience at all. I am almost 40 and my neck cannot stand having this in my face for more than 10 mins, even sitting down with a head rest, which is stupid for a VR device where you are supposed to be standing or at least be moving your head around. With this said I used it a couple times and it’s sitting in the box ever since.
On the good side, controllers are really responsive and easy to use and the fact that is a standalone device and 100% wireless it is a plus. The battery also sucks as it heats up when playing WebXR games which turns the experience even worst.

I am a gamer/game developer and I’ve learned I don’t like the current VR experience on games ( maybe reducing the size and weight might help). I’ve been using extended game reality for a decade+ now and I still think ( I play ping pong and bowling on it on weekly basis) Kinetic with no controllers at all is the best experience for extended play. I am actually sad project IllumiRoom did not evolved to a commercial project :frowning:
I also play a lot of Nintendo Switch with my family, with Mario party and other party games. Not VR or extended reality though.

With this said what I’ve learned from the Meta Quest 2… I am not into wearable devices. Period! :stuck_out_tongue:

Main reason I bought it was mostly because I want to explore BabylonJs and WebXR development through 2023 ( haven’t yet had a real chance of doing it so but hope to do it soon).

Hope it helps somehow.

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Hey @One_Flag thank you for your detailed report about your experience with this device. That gives me something to think about. I will try such a device once in a store before I break my neck in virtual diving or mountain climbing! :rofl:

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The decision has been made. I have bought a Pico 4! *yeah

I’m old school and not too interested in action games. It would be nice if we can use this thread to introduce some easily digestible VR games. What I’m looking for are games with beautiful landscapes to explore, climbing on mountains, sailing or just driving slowly around in a vintage car.

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I will add this game to my todo list :slight_smile:

KENA: BRIDGE OF SPIRITS Trailer (2020) - YouTube

I hope this game is released for Pico 4, too!

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - Launch Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

Hey chatGPT, give me some vr games like “Kena Bridge of Spirits”

GPT: “Kena Bridge of Spirits” is a beautiful action-adventure game with stunning graphics and a compelling story. If you enjoyed playing this game and are looking for similar VR games, here are some recommendations:

  1. “Moss”: This game is an action-adventure puzzle game that features a small mouse named Quill. Players take control of Quill, who must navigate through a magical world full of dangers, puzzles, and enemies.
  2. “Chronos”: This is a puzzle-based game set in a world where time is a key element. Players take control of a young hero who must explore ancient ruins to uncover the secrets of time and save his homeland.
  3. “Lone Echo”: This is a virtual reality game that takes players on an adventure in outer space. You play as a futuristic robot who must navigate through a space station and solve puzzles to save humanity.
  4. “Edge of Nowhere”: This game is a survival horror game set in the Antarctic. Players take control of a mountaineer named Victor Howard, who must navigate through a world full of monsters and other dangers.
  5. “The Gallery: Episode 1 - Call of the Starseed”: This game is an adventure game that takes players on a journey through a magical world. Players must solve puzzles, collect clues, and interact with NPCs to progress through the story.

Hey GPT, are there vr games where you drive a vintage car through a beautiful landscape?

“Project Cars 2”: this is a racing game that offers a variety of classic and historic vehicles, including vintage cars. There are various tracks, including scenic ones, where you can enjoy a drive.
Project CARS 2 - Official Launch Trailer [HTC Vive, Oculus Rift] - YouTube

“American Truck Simulator”: This is a simulation game that allows players to drive a truck through the vastness of America. Although it is not a classic truck game, it still offers beautiful scenery and a relaxing ride.


Hey buddy, are there any vr games for flying, climbing and diving?

Yes, there are many VR games that allow players to experience flying, climbing, and diving. Here are some examples:

  1. “Eagle Flight”: This game allows players to take on the role of an eagle and fly over the city of Paris. It offers a unique experience of flying freely like a bird.
    PlayStation Experience 2015: Eagle Flight - Reveal Trailer | PS VR - YouTube

  2. “The Climb”: In this game, players can climb mountains and rock faces, using handholds and their own physical abilities to reach the summit.

  3. “Subnautica”: This game is a survival adventure game set in an underwater world. Players can explore the depths of the ocean, discover new creatures, and uncover the secrets of an alien planet.

  4. “Windlands 2”: This is a first-person exploration game that allows players to swing through the air with grappling hooks, soar through the sky, and climb mountains.

  5. “VTOL VR”: This game is a flight simulator that allows players to take control of a virtual fighter jet and engage in aerial combat and missions.

These games fit my skill level! :slight_smile:

NVIDIA VR Funhouse: Official Oculus Touch Trailer - YouTube

There are so many interesting controllers to operate in the virtual world. I liked the sensors that you can attach to your joints the most.

The Future Tech Of Virtual Reality - YouTube

I finally found the time to unpack and test my Pico 4. I am overwhelmed! You dive into a whole new world!

Here is my first free tool, incredible how you can create things around your self!

Gravity Sketch Trailer 2020 - YouTube

And the many documentations in 3D are breathtaking. You fly over beautiful landscapes or underwater and discover unknown worlds up close and so realistic!

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