Microsoft researcher artist in residence - program still operational? <-- let's babylonjs it

Hi There,

Do we know if this program is still operational: Home | Artist in Residence ? There seems to be no easy way to directly contact microsoft research to ask.

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It looks like each project lists all of the people who worked on it. I wonder if Linked-In might be a good tool to check out for this? :slight_smile:

do you think the best thing to do would be to look up the most similar project (to mine), look up the microsoft researcher on the project, and then write them directly?

Certainly an option yes :slight_smile:

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hm. I got connected to the head of the program, and she never replied; any advice, or you think it’s just dead in the water now?

I did write one polite follow up email (but yeah, trying to pitch them a babylonjs project).