Missing export in Misc/index.ts for ES6 modules

Hi everyone,

There is a missing export in the misc/index.ts for brdfTextureTools.ts. In the current stable version I am unable to import BRDFTextureTools.
If this gets fixed, It would be great to have a new minor release. If it’s needed, I can try to do a PR for it, just need to install a few things.


Hello and welcome to the forum !!!

It is actually by design as it is mostly meant to be only used internally by the PBRMaterial.

May I ask why you would need to use it directly ? (interested to know the use case so that we could expose if relevant)

Hello @sebavan, we have our own implementation of PBR which is slightly different than your version, but we used the GetEnvironmentBRDFTexture for the exact same purpose as you are. In one of our applications we are using a lot of custom shaders and some custom implementations as well.

Makes sense, I will add it in the index.


I appreciate the quick response. Thank you :smile: