Morph targets on Samsung S9 (Exynos 9810) is broken

yup it might totally be :frowning:

Split mesh to 2 by 1k vertexes - same problem
Bug visible only if mesh in camera frustrum

As it is specific to one device, could you check with the chromium folks as well through their bug tracker ?

Same model with blendshapes works correct in THREE.js. Are You sure that chromium bug?

we do not use the texture the same way.

The model actually works on all other browsers in Babylon as well :slight_smile:

@Evgeni_Popov @bghgary just in case, can you repro ?

The PG (Babylon.js Playground) does work for me on my Samsung Galaxy A23.

Okay for me on OnePlus 8.

Samsung note9 is same to broken

Exynos 9810: Samsung S9, S9+, Note 9, Note 10 Lite

Do you have some errors in the console log?

No errors. While lag in first 1-2 seconds - morphs works correct (1-3 frames) than (after lag) broke

I’m afraid we can’t do much on our side because it seems that the problem is very specific to one phone model and we are not able to reproduce it on the mobiles we own…

It’s so sadly. But why three.js haven’t same bug?

Do you have a repro in threejs?
same model
I was testing on 3 different models

It seems Babylon.js and Threejs are doing the same thing, so I don’t know why it would not work…

We are going to try to find a S9 to test on a real device.

There is a bug with this device (driver or something else), we will create an issue in the Angle or Chromium repo. In the meantime, we implemented a workaround: