Most optimized method with Babylon.js | Soldier animation

Hey, I have a soldier model and weapons models. I’d like to make the animations for each weapon but I don’t know wich method would be the best with Babylon.js:
- Creating multiple soldiers models with a different weapon on each one and make the animations
- Creating one soldier model and make all the animations for all the weapons on it
Thanks in advance !

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The animations are linked to a skeleton, so even if you have different looks for your soldiers you should be able to animate a single skeleton and reuse it.

But I’m no 3D artist… Also, maybe you should ask this question in the “Content creation” category for better exposure.

Thanks a lot ! But, I mean that a same soldier (a player) can use multiple guns so I’d like to know if I should create all animations for all weapons on the same model and just change attached weapon or create multiple models of the same soldier with a different weapon on each (and only the animations for this weapon) and change the model in-game. I think it’s the first method but I just want to be sure.

I’m not use to characters, but you should get a lot of tutorials using search terms like tutorial game character switch weapon.
What I think it makes sense to do (but again I don’t know much about characters): animate your soldier as you want, without weapon, and set your weapon child of a hand’s bone, taking care of spawn position/rotation values. This weapon should probably have its own animation.