Multiple animation loops


I have a question about looping animations. The question comes from my side (the 3D artist) and I’m looking to point our programmers in the right direction and get our workflow correct.

So, I want to have looping animations, but they will have different lengths, some short, others long. Is the looping based on each object, or a global time line?

For example, I have the helicopter flying in, that animation could be 1000 frames in length. the animation on rotors on the helicopter could be 8 frames. can you tell the objects to loop once the animation is finished? or would i need to animate the rotors over 1000 frames to match the helicopter?

I could also have other animations in the same glb, maybe flags waving, cars moving, etc.

I haven’t come across this situation before, we’ve used animation groups to play very linear animations, but nothing like this were there are multiple things happening.

Any ideas?


Hello! I tested it here and the shorter animation just loops if you don’t normalize the group. AnimationGroup demo | Babylon.js Playground (

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