My kicker game no longer works

Hi senior devs, I looked at my kicker game last night and found that the “ball” has disappeared. Something seems to have gone wrong with the latest build(s)?

Will try it again with the last stable build:
Result: test successfull

You’re using the preview build, which is not reliable for live projects.

We encourage the usage of the preview build even for live projects, when they require a certain bug fix or a new feature.

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Will be interesting to know since when the bug is present. was it during the last few days, or the last few weeks? did you upgrade from 4.1 straight to 4.2 alpha 20?

Also, it is very hard to debug when it is not code we control. if you can point at the right direction in the code, or (preferably) move the code to the playground, it will help us a lot

It was working last week. My source code is not ugly nor encrypted nor extensive, so others can learn from it. You can pull it right out of the inspector.

I didn’t say your code is ugli(fied):slight_smile: nor it is extensive. But babylon is.

If it happened last week it must be related to the new math (vector3) architecture. Are you by any chance copying vectors or changing them using objects outside of babylon’s scope?

The ball, BTW, has NaN as position. which feels like some incorrect calculation (probably on babylon’s part). I am trying to look into it

Sorry for that wrong translation of

With “extensive” I mean : lot of code lines
With “ugli” I mean: uglified

I am just using the standard methods with imposters… no dark hacks nor matrix acrobatics are used! ^^

My little game is not important for me. I only mentioned the error to ensure the quality of babylon.js.

Good luck with your troubleshooting!

The ball’s position is not a vector 3, but a regular object. This is not supported using the new architecture. you will need to use a vector3 object, or use ball.position.set(x,y,z)

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