Naker.Form Launch

Hi everybody, :raising_hand_man:

I am glad to share with you a new tool Naker.Form :partying_face: officially available here:
And we are today on Product Hunt, we would love to have your upvote! :hugs:

Again this tool was possible to make thanks to the help of the community as you can see in this topic

Thanks again to all of you :wink:
BabylonJS POWER!


Nice idea, well done!

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Not to be a downer, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me on Firefox…

Actually, same here: on Firefox Nightly it seems OK, but not on the regular one.

I really like Naker products, business attitudes, and talented people… but if angel-face Jenny doesn’t quit spraying Nick and Val’s marijuana plants with Agent Orange… then someone needs-to “have a little talk with her”. :smiley:

Ahh, off-topic jokes, aren’t they fun? I’ll probably delete this post later (or remove the stupid joke).

Be sure to check-out Naker’s cool AirPods tour with the VERY unique/innovative mousewheel-active (and likely touch-drag-gesture-active) vertical scrollbar. Interesting and sweet!

Good luck with the previous and newest Naker products, gang!


Hi @Gijs, thanks for the feedback, we will look into it!

@Wingnut, we will tell Jennifer to stop it :sweat_smile:
And thanks for the warm messages

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