Need help installing legacy 4.2 version on my server, breaks with obj file import

As you Guys know by now (probably), I’m not really a dev, just a simple designer so forgive me for what is coming and pls explain what I have to do to:
Install a functional 4.2.0 CDN on my server from the zip downloaded.
Scripts are loading but I can see remaining links with a reference to a folder that does not exist.
It’s in loaders and seems to be all about obj, stl and mtl import (see SS below)

Any tip to how I can fix this quickly? Thx in advance,

please try 4.2.1, as 4.2.0 has an issue with newer browsers that prevent you from compiling the shaders correctly (which seem to be the issue you are experiencing).


OMG, wouldn’t have thought of that (I’m always first thinking it must be me doing some crap :wink:
Thx for the info. Will try that…

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Well, in this case I will try with v5.0 beta 11 (the latest version that was working with this project) until I get the fix. At least, it will still be a v5 :smiley: Hope this will work.

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@RaananW Yup, confirming it works beautifully. Thx again. Topic is definetely closed. Though you already closed it before that :wink: …I hope I will be able to have your confidence about this one day :smile:

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Most of the time I have no idea what I am talking about :wink: