Need help on to place two different images on Tube


I am having some issue with Tube, I want to show 2 different images on Tube. One at inner side and another at outer side. But given example is with single image with split option , but I want to show ntIgFT6.jpg image at inner side of tube and this image want to show at outer side of tube.

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.

Other than combining your two images into one single split image I cannot think of a way of doing it.

Oops have thought of another thought but no idea whether it would work. Its to place one image as a decal!!???

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This isn’t efficient, but you could create two tube meshes to do this.



Hi bghgary,

Thanks for your solution but if you see properly front side Tube image, the card image is not showing front view, its looking like mirror view. Can you correct that issue in your sample?


Here you are -

mat.diffuseTexture.vScale = -1;