New profile pic - Our new puppy

Title says it all. Peppa is 8 weeks old from a litter of 5, born at our house, her Mum is our son’s dog who we look after during the day. She is the one who will live with us.


Awww, Peppa is so cute! Tell her my 10mo pupper Courage says hi (he’s the one on my profile pic too) :grin:

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Peppa says hi back.

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Bucky sends her regards :slight_smile:


Tell Peppa I say “Woof”! I’m sure she will understand :grin:

Edit: Forgot to mention that Zep says she shouldn’t worry about physics.
Physics are a dog’s best friend: “Everything that drops from the Kitchen prep or from the table will undoubtedly end up on the floor:yum:


what a cutie

Bucky is so big and regal now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Courage thinks that’s a very smart quote, but he believes physics can be the enemy too, especially when he’s playing with his ball on the sofa arms and it inevitably falls down :rofl:


really cool picture:)

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