New to Babalon - Building an app to render cnc router result


As the title says, I’m developing an online app that will create g-code and I need to offer a preview.Basically, I need to display a board with the part the design will carve out, and the path the router bit will travel.

The user should be able to use their mouse and arrow keys to rotate the object, zoom in and out, and pan the object left/right/up/down.

Since the library offers way more than I think I’ll need, I’d appreciate some pointers on what features to use, and maybe some insight on the right way to go about using the library to accomplish this task.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome, and very cool project!

I’m no expert but I’d imagine for this sort of application the following resources may be helpful:

I’d imagine the biggest challenge will be the arbitrary complexity of the geometry, especially if you intend supporting non-straight router bit profiles - for a single plywood sheet you could easily end up with a huge number of triangles in a single mesh.

I don’t know how far you are planning to go with this, but it’d be fun to actually see the plywood being routed in real-time, with a particle system at the router bit.