Next Generation Smart TV User Interface design using Babylon

Hey Babylon Experts

Iam evaluating Babylon for building the next generation user interface for smart tv. We have seen them all Kodi , plex , firetv , Sony, Samsung , LG interfaces , while there are significant advancements in tech, interfaces have not been updated and are still 2d , So question to you all is - what are your thoughts on using Babylon for building stunning 3d 10FT interface to give audience a great experience. I am open to paid advice/brainstorming for an hour or two . If this turns out to be a project looking to hire a developer to work with me in designing such interface. Please send me a message if interested.



My two cents about this: SmartTV browsers suck. My experience with them is some 2 or 3 years old, but unless the landscape changed completely it was absolutely ghastly. The browsers are usually not well updated (or at all) versions of Chromium, which for some reason is always heavily tweaked and sometimes major web APIs are butchered. Debugging on them was apparently designed to cater to masochists looking for new ways to lose their sanity. There’s way too many manufacturers and models to handle. It makes supporting mobile devices a breeze and makes you long for IE6.

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