No tangent weights for IAnimationKey?

Hey guys!

Any plans on adding tangent weights for IAnimationKey? The weight could be anywhere from 0-1. I noticed it only has inTangent/outTangent, which means a default weight (inWeight/outWeight) of 1/3.
But this restricts the possibilities of the tangent and animations you can do in BJS somewhat.

I do not think we have any plans for this. @Deltakosh and @PatrickRyan can confirm when they ll be back from their break.

But feel free to create a PR for it if you want ?

Thanks @sebavan
Looking forward to their comments :slight_smile:

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Not opposed to the idea but I would love to get a clearer understanding how what this will enable that is not supported now


I could see an argument for weighted tangents in the Animation Curve Editor as a preferred way to work where you can add keys with variable influence over the interpolation. But if you are creating your animations through code, weighted tangents feel very fiddly and hard to previsualize. When I create animation with code I tend to stick with predefined easing functions as it’s already difficult to previsualize the motion I am authoring if I set and in and out tangent for a key. Weighting them makes the motion even more complex.

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Should we move this to Feature Requests then? :slight_smile: @sebavan @PatrickRyan @Deltakosh

I know so little about this space that I ll let the GURUs decide :slight_smile:

We should move it to a requested feature and after the upcoming release we can give the feature the due diligence design work to determine what/how to implement.