Not able to Import models from github

Hi there
Im importing models (GLB) from github but do not seem to appear in the scene.
Im able to import previously added models to github but newly added models to github are unable to load into scene.
I have commented file names in pg.

Previously added models name in pg are (Working fine) : mug_glb_itr4.glb, Pillow.glb

Newly added models (issue with these models import to scene) : New_6x6.glb, New_6x6_high.glb

All of the models look completely fine when viewed in Babylon’s sandbox
Can someone please tell me what could be the issue?

GitHub link : GitHub - pavankulkarni11/3D_Meshes: Assets folder

PG link :

@Pavanpk the new models are being loaded, it’s just that (at least in the case of New_6x6.glb) they’re far away from the target of the camera (origin 0, 0, 0) and therefore out of frame. If you load the models into Blender you can check:

You see different results in the Sandbox because it automatically moves the camera to nicely frame whatever meshes have been loaded.

When you open the Inspector in Sandbox you can see how the camera target and radius have been automatically changed to frame the mesh:


Thank you so much @inteja.
I will change the location of mesh in blender and try to import into scene.