Oculus Quest 2: Enter VR Button

I am trying to render my babylon scenes in my Quest 2 headset. But when i go to the oculus browser… My page seems cut off and i dont see the ENTER VR button in the bottom right. I assume that button is being cut off was well.

So i have a couple questions…

Is there some CSS to display 100% canvas height or is it fixed height or something that what was a normal web page with 100% width and height seems to be cut off on height ?


Can we move the position of the ENTER VR button to top left ?

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I finally got working… HTTPS is required on a Oculus Quest 2… Without it it wont show the Enter VR Button

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HTTPS is required for WebXR in general. Otherwise the XR object is undefined

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Had mine about 2 weeks. Used really only once. Bifocal glasses with an out of date prescription made it difficult. Waiting on new glasses.

I already made my localhost with a certificate from a fake root CA though.

This is a great reason to get set up with ngrok.io. Makes it easy to tunnel via https. If you use Firefox you can push the url to the Firefox browser on your device too.