Odd problem when loading BB on iphone 8

Hi all, we are using an application that has Atlas setup, before we did a bunch of improvements, the links used load ok on iPhone 8 etc. but now they only work latest iphone 13 etc.

The link to the demo app is here

The error is odd:

I was speaking with Andy and he told me to post a bug here, but ask for some support also, he thinks its down to gl2 and maybe using Atlas.

Can anyone have a poke on their phone and let us know what the issue is, I hope its a simple one to fix :slight_smile:

As a note, we really can not test BB5 as this could destroy many things, and my guys will have my head on a plate if I asked them to put that into production.

Thank you all very much,

Your project does not work for me either in Chrome desktop with other errors related to gltf.

You could try moving to 4.2.1 at least to be safe if you are using shadows.

Hmm, donโ€™t think we are using any shadows, but it should work on desktop, as we have tested this on few desktops.

Ok let me see what Daniel says, about upgrading to 4.2.1

@sebavan the link was momentarily broken due to a broken link to the assets but should work fine now on desktop. Also have now updated bb from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1

Hi Seb, can you try the link again:

any insight into our issue will greatly help us :slight_smile:

It is broken on desktop as well not just mobile with the same error in code from your app I guess but not Babylon.

Basically you have an atlas for characters called atlasUvs somewhere in a genUvs function and you try to get the glyph for symbols who are not available. For instance my first crash is on the symbol ยฃ not being available in atlasUvs call from the generateTextMesh function but I am not sure where those come from

ah I see, thank you so much Seb, this will do for a pointer :slight_smile: thank you so much,