Off-Axis Frustrum or How to achieve a head tracking holographic effect?

Hello community,

I have been looking around for a solution to achieve a Head Tracking Holographic Effect (also known as Parallax Effect) as you can see in this examples:

The Parallax View:
TheParallaxView ∙ Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking on iPhone X - YouTube.


I have found at these sources that this optical illusion is created when the 3D changes its perspective but the rectangular area of the screen doesn’t distort with that perspective, and it is achieved with an off-axis frustrum.

My question is, How can I manipulate the frustrum in order to achive this off-axis frustrum technique?

The math is explained in this post, but it was developed in Unity, and I don’t know how to translate it to Babylon syntax:

Thank you for any help or advice you could bring me.


To manipulate the frustum you need to control the camera projection matrix.

This is doable with this call: camera.freezeProjectionMatrix(yourMatrix)

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