Old Forum Red Header

Having visited the old forum for reference I note that new questions are still being asked there. I think that is because people are doing browser searches that lead them directly to a relevant post and the red banner only appears on the listing front pages of each sub forum. Is it possible to put the red banner on every Babylon.js page and/or the same or similar new forum message above the reply box where it says Your content will need to be approved by a moderator?


I tried to but I did not managed to get it working :frowning:
There is no way to set the old forum in read only mode or under validation mode like here

Thanks for trying.

Yeah at least another good reason for the switch here :wink:

I have a forum like the old one and I confirm that it is possible to put the forum read only. But only the forum administrator can do it in the forums permissions.
So you have to ask Rich I think

I did and I have admin rights but I did not find the option
can you tell me where I should go?

You mea must edit the forums in the administration panel (where we create, organize, edit)
Edit the forums one by one. There is a small menu at each forum that allows you to edit the permissions And other forums.

Do not hesitate if necessary by PM

can you do a screenshot for me?

This is what I have so far:

I no longer have this forum install. But I see your screen copy, you are in the right place but you do not seem to have the autorizations to modify the permissions.

I think it’s only for the creator of the forum that has index 1 in the database.

I ask Rich and he told me he saw the same thing :frowning:

But not a big deal anyway :slight_smile:

It’s very strange.
Otherwise, if you want, you give me the admin permissions the time I look, then you remove me the authorization when it’s done.

Otherwise, I reinstall my forum when I have time and I will make you screen copies step by step if you want.
It would be better if we could manage to put the forum in read alone.

Well rick pinged the developer of the forum and they told him it is not possible on the version we have :frowning:

Ah OK. She is con that version.