OneDrive scene default light, why object looks different in Sandbox and in OneDrive

Hi All,

I am using a GLB object: 100% black, 100% emission with texture, 100% rough.

Drag&drop into correctly displays the object with all the lights as expected.

However, drag&drop into OneDrive, which uses babylonjs for GLBs, seems to have an extra light in the scene. It looks like there is a shadow cast and the object looks a bit blown out in comparison to how sandbox renders it.

See the image:

  • left side: default sandbox
  • middle: sandbox with the same env as onedrive (/assets/environment/EnvMap_3.0-256.env)
  • right, OneDrive default

Question: how to make the objects in OneDrive look the same.

The GLB: emission - Google Drive

Thank you very much for your help.

Unfortunately, you can not without changing the onedrive code. They are using some default lighting setup different from the sandbox with the addition of shadows and post processes.

Adding @bghgary if he has any other info.

We will relay this feedback to the OneDrive team.

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Thank you both for being so helpful. Will wait for @bghgary 's response.

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