Only teleport available?

Is teleportation the only movement mode available? Coming from Oculus, most movement I’ve done has been ‘walking’, not teleporting. But I am not seeing that option in the documentation.

You can use a gamepad to move like “walking” for instance

That’s what I’m looking for, but I’ve been unable to find examples for it. Or perhaps, that’s the default behavior? I was trying out Sponza in my Quest, but the only option in it was teleportation.

I haven’t created a VR app yet, just some sample 3D ones, but the docs and the demo led me to believe that was the only option.

pinging @RaananW

"walking"was always considered bad practice, until a few games implemented it and people accepted it as-is :slight_smile: . It was always making people sick. Hardcore-gamers-only kind of feature.
You can, of course, connect to the trigger’s callback and implement walking yourself. You have the camera’s direction, and you can change the camera’s position using any controller you want.
I am getting a quest any time now and will implement a working demo when i find the time (probably next week).

The problem in general, is that not all headsets have a trigger / button that will allow us to implement generic “walking”. Want to submit a feature request on github? please add me there (@raananw)