onReady for TransformNode and Node

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Please! Perhaps you can give some light in this direction:

TransformNode(TN) has documented onReady property as callBack, that must call, when TN is ready. But probably this callBack never call?

In source, inside TN onReady has not any calls for onReady func.
Next, if we see in Node (Base Class) onReady called once in _setReady func, but _setReady never called.

first: _setReady marked as public, although have _ in name. Usually it is private mark? Perhaps for implement some interface, but function not be used outside?
second point: _setReady never call in Node (perhaps it calls as public anythin outside…)?

If not it mean onReady never called in TN and Node.

Please, help me undersand this collision. I’m not very skilled, but would like better understand based stuff.

When will call onReady for TN?

Mesh / AbstractMesh and so on all inherits from transform node and rely on this mecanism to notify of their readyness (eg effect + textures and so on being ready).

It is also used by the TextureDome class which is a simple transformNode and relies on it to notify the user of the readiness

Ok, i guess it. Thank you!

But, then will be good mark onRead in code as @internal or similar, then docoment generator exclude this method for TransformNode. Right? Or it hide method and for TextureDom also?

yup we can not mark it as internal or it will be on all the inherited node as well.

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Thank you for answer!