[Open-source] Realm Crafting - MMORPG Editor

Any idea when we will be able to put our ‘lazy hands’ on this? :grin: I can only see more tabs, parameters and conditions added and I’m starting to wonder if I’m gonna need another grade in game design to be able to master this thing :rofl:

Hello @mava,

I have no idea when I might make all of this available. I still have a lot of work to do before making this all public. I hope within the year. Knowing that this kind of project once public will not be completely finished.
I could present the editor as it is, but the game generating part is not completely finished. I would like to make a little demo for getting started with the editor. It’s easier to understand when there’s an example. And I also try to make everything as stable as possible.

As for your concerns about the number of tabs, it’s not complicated. For example, media is just for importing your 3D models, images, textures, music, sounds. The actors tab is for creating your actors with their appearances and abilities. The Animation tab is for adding animations to the actors you create in the actors tab. The Zone tab to create the terrain with the objects 3D. All tabs are linked and everything goes to the essentials.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions about what a tab or another is for.

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I was just kidding you (somehow). On the other, I also wanted to say that the amount of effort and features you’re putting into this is quite phenomenal :sweat_smile: Wanting to go through all that, knowing even just a little about what it takes to make a game (not even an editor!) is I believe beyond a simple ‘committment’. You are a superhero. :man_superhero: About to become legend if you manage to bring this to an end :guitar: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No worries, I wouldn’t have done it in a decade so we can wait for a year or so. I’ll be still here to check it out (hopefully :smile:)

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Thank you for your nice comment. I hope to be able to complete this project. That’s why it will be open source, so that later, others can contribute to make it evolve so that users can create pretty interesting browser games.



I made progress on the cave editor. It’s almost done, I still have to do the export part to copy the created caves to the editor’s media. I also have some idea of ​​improvements that I will see later.


nice man. did you see the thread on the top down rpg? Multiplayer 3d Top Down RPG - Babylon.js & Colyseus - #110 by mawa

i feel like you guys could collaborate.

We don’t do the same type of editor if you look closer.

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Collaborate? Are you crazy? :stuck_out_tongue: More seriously, I’m sure if we were working together, we would crush it but I’m not ready to let go yet :slight_smile: Nice progress @Dad72 !


Silly question but have to ask it, will we be able to upload our meshes to your editor?
Great work this looks amazing!

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Good morning,

There are no silly questions. only the answers can be.

Yes the media tab allows you to add your own 3D models, you textures, images, sounds, music.

There are default templates distributed with the editor, you can use them or not and add as many as you want.
You can also add directories to organize your assets. Here is a screenshot.


An swesome editor environtment, well done. Looking at the editor in an different type of application, porting it over to PHP sever side and integrate into Worpress as a WebGL integration plugin that could create fully functionalized 3d page elements that would save as objects and use the viewer as on overlay of canvas to the flat HTML rendering so a to have good visible control of page element placement, Definately add tweening functionality…

Any way awesome work for learners like me to learn from

Respect and thanks.


Good morning,

welcome to you. Thank you for your message. I’m not sure I understand your sentence, which is too long to be read.
Are you talking about a plugin for wordpress? If so, I wouldn’t know how to do it not using and not knowing wordpress (except by name).

May I just ask you Guys what ‘worpress’ or ‘wopress’ is/are? I mean I know there are plenty of fancy small companies trying to take advantage of the reputation of a renown brand/app, but I never heard of those :thinking:

Hi and welcome to the Community,
I hope you are enjoying your time with BJS.
I have to say I’m sorry, but same as @Dad72 I’m not sure to fully understand your question… is it a question? May be there’s some language issue in your post. I have to say english is also not my language, which doesn’t help… but I’m pretty much unable to decypher the content here (Sorry).

I believe this is not the goal of this development and actually, I don’t see what benefit a plug-in for creating MMORPG in ‘Wordpress’ (is it?) would bring. This seems rather fancy and inapropriate, in my opinion only.

However, if you are looking for a plugin to intergrate a BJS canvas within a WP site, incidentally, this one does exist. May be you wanna have a look at this link.
Meanwhile again, welcome to the Community and have a great day :sunglasses:

I wrote it wrong. Oops. I corrected.
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.
it is a CMS for creating websites. But I guess you knew that.
But I never use that.

Without a doubt this project is immense.
My congratulations @Dad72 for the talent and ability to develop something so powerful.

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Some news after 1 month. I started the quest editor which is almost finished.

Just select a project that displays all the quests available for each zone create. This allows you to better organize your quests.

Otherwise, I did a lot of optimization, improvements, fixes in the generated editor and game, but I don’t have an image to show for that. I started other stuff, but not in a state to be shown.

I would like to thank all the nice comments, encouragement, congratulations. It’s motivating and I hope the project will live up to expectations.

I made much less progress during this month. I have my daughter who is now 13 years old and who asks me for changes in her room in terms of painting, decoration, new carpentry furniture to be done. … So I am making much less progress on my editor. But I try to give you news once a month.

See you soon


Small update of the terrain editor.
I added an autoTexture tool which allows to paint quickly and more precisely the terrains.
Then you can manually adjust with a brush to paint paths and such.

I would like to thank @Evgeni_Popov for his help with this feature.
If anyone is interested, here is the PG that allows this:

I also changed the custom loading of the game and the editor.
When the engine is created, it opens a splashScreen with the mark, then when the scene is created with a promise, it displays a progress bar.

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I finally took over a dedicated server. I started to make the website which will present the editor and allow to download it.

The link to this website is secure https.

The address is accessible, but the site is still under construction, so apart from a nice index page, there is nothing else to see at the moment. But it’s coming soon.


Good luck!! Best wishes from me too! The product will be smashing

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