[Open-source] Realm Crafting - MMORPG Editor


I added a playground to the editor to test functions before adding them to the game.
It’s a bit like Babylon’s playground, but more minimalist.

I also added in the project manager the possibility of creating different types of projects with corresponding demos (for the moment only MMORPG is done, the others will come later)

I also revised the entire Project tab of the editor by adding the possibility if the user wishes to share a project on the official site to help promote the games they create or to have them tested.
Otherwise you can send your projects to your FTP via this tab either by sending everything, or by sending updates with just the modified files.

Otherwise I also made many corrections and I am soon ready to distribute it for testing. This doesn’t mean it will end. There’s still a lot left to make a playable game. But I will talk about it again when the time comes for those who want to test it.



After more than 1 year of work on this editor, I can now open it to the public for testing purposes.
Please note, it is not yet ready for production, it may contain bugs. A lot of things haven’t been implemented yet too.
The editor is therefore in Beta version and the game it generates is in Alpha version.
To use it, you need a local Apache web server (EsayPHP for example). You will find additional information on the forum

The website, the forum, the editor and the GIT repository are accessible from this address :


Do not hesitate to provide your comments.



Congrats on the achievement @Dad72 !!!

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Wow! Congrats! And it is open source … Amazing!!!

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I added to the site the possibility of proposing features, ideas…

There is a section with proposals awaiting approval and a page for proposals approved and another page for making proposals. Each proposal can receive votes based on how important the feature is to you. This allows you to know if a request is more expected than another and to give priorities.

I had fun doing it again like on the Babylon site with the honeycomb presentation that I like. I hope that the Babylon team will not see any objection that I am inspired by this, because it is not that simple to make honeycombs.

Result :

The Approve Proposals page

When we click on a proposal we display the details and everyone can vote if the proposal is more or less important.

And the page which allows you to write your proposals/ideas which go to the proposals page awaiting approval.

The features page awaiting approval :

I plan other improvements for the future such as being able to edit your proposals, access the list of comments, see the total number of votes…

See you soon.

Nice to see you again Dad72 ! I made an online RPG game with Babylon some years ago, I will definitely try your project and experiment with so many features ! Keep up the good work :wink:

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Nice to see you also @Boz, Don’t hesitate to try. You welcome.
There is documentation to help understand the editor and features


It’s been 2 months since I gave any news.

The project is still ongoing. I released version 1.10 today, the editor is starting to be more stable (I hope)

For the next version, I will completely overhaul the terrain editor which will include all the tools that are currently separated. (terrain, trees, rocks, grass, caves)

The zone editor will also undergo some transformation to link this new terrain editor with the zone editor. The other tabs of the editor should not change too much.

This new terrain editor will therefore create the ground with the painting of the ground, trees, plants/grasses, rocks, caves and paths. (one all in one) I’m going to try to do something more advanced. I think I might need to ask the forum here for certain features that I haven’t tried yet. :smile:

The current terrain editor is quite minimalist, I think it is important to be able to create a little more advanced terrain who will create the landscape with it. The zone editor will therefore only be used to add the decorations afterwards…

I will show from time to time where I am, the progressions…
You can also see the progressions on the Realm Crafting forum in preview from time to time : https://www.realm-crafting.com/forum/

See you soon


Here is a first preview for the redesign of the terrain editor. The first tab is functional. I still have the others to do.

I think this new field editor will be more intuitive.

This is the terrain editor control panel. You can create terrain by heightmap by choosing from a list. The terrain can also be flat.

Result of creating terrain and using painting and elevation tools.

You can quickly choose a type of brush from a list

For textures you can quickly assign 8 by choosing from a single list and adjust the scale of each texture independently and at any time. The textures are in HD (1024 x 1024)

Next step I try to see how I can integrate the variation map to mix two colors on the miixMap. I still have doubts if this will be possible.

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I managed to create the variation/mix of textures. I simply made a 50/50 a mixture of two textures with the GD2 PHP library. I am quite satisfied with the result.

Here are the 3 results.

The first is in normal mode:

The Mix has been activated and mixes two identical textures (but you can choose to mesh any other textures and obtain different results.

There I added multiply to the mixture, which further darkens the final texture. I’m less of a fan of the result of this multiply. But it exists, and could be useful in certain cases (underwater for example by mixing two different sands.

That’s the best I can do with this feature. Of course you can return to normal mode at any time, without mixing or multiplying.

Go now I go to the next tab. This field editor is far from finished. I think it’s going to be the Path tab where I’m going to struggle a bit more. But I’ll do my best.


The new terrain editor is progressing. I added the grass paint. For this I used SpritePackedManager which works wonderfully for this type of situation.I had never tried SpritePackedManager and I find it really cool.

We can now add as many types of grass as we want to create mixtures with just one brush stroke. You can add or remove types of herbs at any time while painting.


The redesign of the terrain editor is progressing quite well so far. I still have one last to finished tab which may be a little more complicated with the ideas I have.

The Rocks and Trees tab are also finished. And I took a screenshot of the result of all the tools. A terrain painted with grass, rocks and trees.

Rocks and trees are “instances”. This means that we can create large forest, jungle…

The rock editor :

The tree editor :



The new terrain editor is complete. I had planned to add the possibility of generating paths. But I did not succeed. I might come back to it soon for a future version.

I put version 1.11 of realm-crafting online. I had a little help from a graphic designer who revised some images.

Soon I will review the tree editor to be able to create a greater variety. And I’m going to try to review the path generation.

The new version can be found here:

Here are some images:


Hey @Dad72
I have php 8 installed but failed to create a new demo project when doing
POST http://localhost/realm-crafting/ProjectManager/PHP/new.php
I got an error 500 with newproject=1&nameProject=Demo&typeProject=MMORPG

Dont know if it could be related to my apache stack

Hi @Boz

I will have to test with PHP >= 8. I’m still using version 7.4
EDIT : I just looked with PHP 8.3. I actually have errors with this version of PHP (deprecated and other changes I have to make.)

You can possibly download the Mini Apache that I put on the repository. It is configured to work with realm-crafting because it has modules that I activate by default.

I made a tutorial here that may help :

Don’t hesitate to come and ask questions on the realm-crafting forum, you are welcome.

@Boz For the next version the editor will work with versions higher than 8. (I use version 8.3 and everything is fine)

For the next version, I merged the terrain editor with the zone editor rather than having the terrain editor separate. It’s much more convenient to use now.

I took the opportunity to added all the different tools (tree editor, cave editor, script editor and quest editor) directly in the game editor rather than in separate editors in the Project Manager.
So, everything is in the Game Editor for easier access.


Editor looks great @Dad72 ! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thanks oriongu. Currently I’m also in the process of completely overhauling the game’s user interface.

As I said just before, I’m redoing all the GUI interface for something more finished, more advanced.

I use the XML Loader to create the interface in a way that simplifies modification for users who wish to personalize this interface by creating a new theme.

GUI Kit images should only be used in Realm Crafting. Copying them for use elsewhere is prohibited.

Here’s what it looks like so far. I find it really better compared to what I had done before which was temporary.

It will be for the next version 1.13 in 1 or 2 weeks depending on how I progress.

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