"Parsing content scene" going on indefinitely - a possible fix with Unity Exporter

Hey there, lads!
I’ve stumbled upon this scenario when I tried to preview a simple scene with a terrain and a cube in Unity to later export to Babylon.js. However, I noticed that when I tried to preview the scene using Unity Exporter, it was stuck on “parsing content scene”.

With the help of @MackeyK24 (bless his kind soul), it’s probably related to an “out of memory” of Ammo.js (open DevTools and you can see the following error).

You can control, on the Unity Exporter settings, the amount of “Ammo Stack” to include in the project. Increasing this number helped with the problem and should get your project going :slight_smile:

And then, :tada: ta-da, you should have the scene previewing. Here’s an example with a Terrain and a cube!

Cheers Mackey for helping out and for the amazing tool, he’s a legend!