PBR Material not working on Tablet

@sebavan no is even not working same issues after some seconds crash on our server and in playground can see it for 1 sec and then white screen

It looks like you are losing context which implies in most cases a driver crash or a memory issue.

In this playground no memory is created so I suspect it can only be a driver issue :frowning:

Could you try with https://playground.babylonjs.com/#5E8GH1#3 ?

I have to admit your device is definitely not smthg we should target and I guess it should be blacklisted regarding the number of working code creating bugs on it.

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Is not working

the Three.js stuff is working fine on Tablet:


Could you try this one as you were rendering twice per frame: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#5E8GH1#4

Also, it is not because three.js works that your device is working according to webgl spec :slight_smile: last time a keyword that should have been working broke the rendering :slight_smile:

after 1-2 seconds this:

Is the alpha map with PBR to much for the GPU ?

Nope, I doubt the alpha would be the issue here. Could you open a ticket on the chromium tracker ???

This is really strange and the error message does not provide any hint. It is definitely on the browser/driver side :frowning:

@sebavan where i can open a ticket?

I guess it would be here Sign in - Google Accounts