Plane rotation gizmo stops working after stretching a mesh

Hello everyone.

I have a cube that id like to move, rotate and stretch around a ground. I am able to always stretch and translate the cube however the rotate behaviour disappears after the first stretch behaviour.

What am i missing here?

Keeping the rotation spheres on the bounding box gizmo is not ideal because when the box is very narrow the spheres get hidden behind the drag handles.

Quick thanks for this awesome community and congrats on the new podcast. Love hearing from you guys. keep up the great work.

cc @Cedric the gizmo hero

Hi @bman and welcome to the forum!

In order to avoid squeeze matrices, local rotation are not allowed for non uniform scaling. A warning is visible in the console.
But you can use world rotation like in this PG:

note the change line 71

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Thanks Gizmo Guru.