PlaneRotationGizmo hover area

Hello, is it possible to scale the mouse hover area of the PlaneRotationGizmo without scaling the object itself?

Some playground example would be good @Paz2012. :slight_smile:

If what you after is making it easy to hover you could increase the gizmo thickness.

Actually yes you can with using scaleRatio, for example:

gizmo.scaleRatio = 3

I just want to scale the hover area without touching the gizmo thickness

scaleRatio will just make the gizmo larger in size. I want to scale the mouse hover area so the user doesn’t need to exactly hover over the gizmo for the gizmo to be selected.

No, it’s not possible. Hovering is done by ray casting onto the displayed gizmo mesh. The bigger the gizmo, the bigger the hovering. It works the same for position/scale/rotation gizmo.

So I digged into this a bit more and found the way to do exactly what I wanted. Here is a working example that I created in playground for anyone who wants to achieve the same thing.