Playground and Sandbox not exporting clean code anymore?

I’m exporting as babylon and copy pasting in the playground, but for some reason it stopped exporting clean code

Haha. This thing looks like a dreamweaver export from around the millenium :grin:
May be BJS has made a deal with Adobe? :wink:
Jokes apart, Not having the code or a repro it will be hard to tell what this is, but I’m sure someone will have a look at it, if it’s really a bug.
May be meanwhile, you could post a link to your PG and a description of the actions you took on record?
This will certainly help the team investigate…

I was following this tutorial. Not entirely sure if it’s my end

This is a minified .babylon file, nothing here is unclean. You can format (or “beautify” this code in any editor or even in
Or maybe, if you can, try to explain what you mean by “clean code”?

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@Jan_Karl , now that I see more, I believe you are refering to the ‘old’ export tool for BJS (around version 3 to 4). I’m afraid to say this one is ‘gone with the wind’ :dotted_line_face:. I admit it was more ‘user friendly’ in a way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It recorded and exported only the final state. The new version creates a true record of all operations. So, of course if you launch an animation or make multiple changes, you will get all these in the JSON file.
The JSON is in plain text format with no layouting. As explained by @RaananW, you can make it more readable using a formatting tool. Essentially, the new export format is intended for being reinjected in a script, whereas the ‘old’ format export was mainly a ‘helper’ to retrieve some values, classes or parameters. You’ll get used to it … eventually :wink:


Oh no, I think I have mistaken this for the “replay code”

It’s called start recording now and you can even apply the changes instantly! My bad, I appreciate giving your time into this @RaananW @mawa

Now I’m wishing the delta file overwrites the code in the playground, welp you can never have everything great