Playground: option for right-side coding


I must admit I am a big Playground fan (still hoping for an eventual VS Code extension with it… :wink: )

A lot of 3D apps like Maya and 3DS Max tend to have the text on the right side and the images on the left. A quick way to experiment what it would be like in Playground is, while in playground, open the console and execute:

(()=> { x=document.getElementById("pg-split");[1,0].forEach(y=>x.appendChild(x.children[y]))})()

I personally think it feels better, also since the code is left align it makes it nearer to the image.

I think it would be great to have a Playground option to put code to the right.


Hey, why not :slight_smile:
DO you want to give it a try and send a PR? Playground is a simple React app

I am more of a fan user at the moment, but could eventually look at the ecosystem. If I had enough time, I would consider doing a PG plugin for VS Code like Shader Toy - Visual Studio Marketplace. Actually I think the whole ecosystem of cool tools with BJS would be great as VS Code plugins, and with an added bonus of of a few TS templates (like for, that could make the most incredible 3d dev experience. :smiley:


PG in vscode would make me ha ha happy.

I am using the live server VS plugin