Playground works in STABLE mode but not in LATEST

Animation works in stable mode but not in latest.
Clicking the setTop button should change the position of the camera with the transition - animation …
Both versions, stable and the latest have no changes in the playground:
Version stable:
Latest Version:
How to fix this?
Thank you

I think it’s caused by caching, i assume it should be fixed again soon.

One solution here and now, using a “animPosition” vector3 and setPosition( animPosition ),
as setPosition forces a update.


This is a bug indeed.
ArcRotateCamera position is built from alpha, beta and radius values but writing to the position should update those values. I’ll make sure to fix that for next commit


I see that on the page again everything works regularly on the latest version, is the bug corrected?

Absolutely :slight_smile: that’s Babylon.js magic :smiley: