Playin' With ClothImpostor - Seeking Less-Stiff

Hi kids.

I’m playing with someone’s too-fun cloth impostor - thx, original author!

Pretty slow physics “solving” happening there, not sure why, yet. Might need a step-speed tweak.

I am trying to get the cloth to “climb over” the wall of boxes… because the boxes are high-mass and well-frictioned (both at 15 omg)… and the cloth is light-mass with a low .stiffness.

At first I thought… “oh yeah, cloth has no restitution and bricks have a low val on theirs”.

So I set .5 resti on both. No change. Cloth friction is 0… I haven’t played with that, yet.

Collision-wise, the cloth seems heavy and stiff, like cardboard. I can’t fig a way to make it softer, lighter, less wall-destructive, more wall-climbing. (drag-over) :smiley: Help welcome, thx!

Had a go with

1.adding friction to ground
2.lowering damping and stiffness
3.Increasing iteration for velocity and position

The cloth still hits the bricks with a wallop