Polygon streaming, photogrammetry

Hi all!

Did anyone look at “polygon streaming”, like here: https://twitter.com/senseofspace_io?lang=en
or any other techniques to render high poly scenes ?

Mainstream streaming on Console and high end devices usually requires a bindless approach to rendering which is I believe but @Evgeni_Popov can correct me here not available in webgpu or webgl.

I wonder what kind of emulation they are using and what do they call “streaming” here?

No, bindless does not exist in WebGPU either. Maybe (probably?) through an extension one day…

It really depends what you mean by streaming too. I consider what Bitreel has done to be a brute force approach to it. Hopefully refined in the future which will be quite a detail boost even from now. There is part of the next version for us that should become a pretty neat open source package for community to use though which will help towards your own solutions :crossed_fingers:

This might interest you. It’s something open source we researched before going our own road: GitHub - cnr-isti-vclab/nexus: Nexus is a c++/javascript library for creation and visualization of a batched multiresolution mesh its pretty promising but there is a lot to be desired in the tooling and documentation. Also getting things like PBR working correctly looked to be somewhat rough.


May be this WIP project would be of interest to you: