Prevent low framerate without disabling PrePass (SSS)

I am trying to make a model run with SSS enabled, without having to disable the PrePassRenderer.

I’ve made a test scene that runs poorly on one of our lower-grade computers:

No matter what I change, it doesn’t create as much as an impact as disabling the PrePassRenderer. Is there another optimisation option that would allow me to still have SSS enabled on lower grade computers?

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It does not impact cause you are currently enabling SSS on the wrong mesh:

SSS can not work without pre pass and will definitely be resource intensive unfortunately.


Oh yeah, my bad. I updated the link to include it. However on my lower end pc it still lagged despite it not even being applied to the mesh. I guess that just confirms that the prepassrenderer turned on by itself is just already too resource intensive? Would there be some other path I could pursue as an alternative to still get similar visuals?

Nope SSS involves unfortunately quite a lot :frowning: If you find a cheap alternative let s add it into the framework :slight_smile:

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