Principles of the programminglanguage LOGO

You need a lot of spatial imagination to place objects in space.

I use the principles of the programming language LOGO. That makes things a lot easier.

Each mesh is a “turtle” to which you can send commands, such as go 3 steps forward, turn 10 degrees to the left.

During my first attempts I unintentionally programmed a nice card mix.


lol excellent!

An other example of the power of Turtle Graphics: a simple snake animation! :slight_smile:



Hi @Necips I had the same problem with designing the train track layouts in from scratch: lack of accurate spatial imagination. So I changed to an approach of track laying similar to that of a turtle: draw track by moving an imagined turtle mesh. Works like a charm! (I’ve worked with SuperLOGO when I was a little child in primary school.) Funny of you mentioning the programming language and turtle approach :slight_smile: Q

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I like your approach to a tedious looking train simulation.

I would also like to have a seat in the cockpit or a sight out of the passenger’s window, with a view of the Alps or the sea and hear the stapling of the rails, the quitting of the wheels when starting off, the noises arriving at the station, some passers-by getting on and off…

This animation is obtained by transferring the individual angles of the snake segment to a pyramid:

If you simply continue spinning crazy and transfer the snake movements to a nested cube, you will get… Art! :slight_smile:

Snake movements transfert to a set of bricks

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Maybe someone need a cube folding/unfolding sequence… :slight_smile:


Yes I like these animations! :slight_smile:
I’m always passively looking for funny / geeky sample animations that make my scenes come to life.

These Playground samples above don’t seem to work in Firefox 66.0.3 but they do work in Chrome 73.0.3683.103. I get the error “fields are not currently supported”. Am I doing something wrong?

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I have exactly the same issue with FF 66.0.3