Problem in the rendering of holograms with WebXR and HoloLens 2


Hello, when running my application with HoloLens 2 I encountered a problem in rendering the elements.
In particular, black bands appear that do not make clear the vision of the holograms, which disappear and reappear if you perform actions that involve the gesture of air tap of HoloLens for the interactions.

I checked if this problem also occurred with your webXR examples and unfortunately it is so, the examples I tried are these:

To solve the problem the solution I have adopted is to set the verisone of Babylon.js to 5.0.0, where this behavior does not occur.

Thanks for reporting! i’ll check the issue and get back to you

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Sorry, as discussed in DMs - I can’t seem to reproduce this. If anyone has the same issue, I will be happy to hear about the issue. It might also help me understand why I can’t reproduce this.