Problem with scaling during and after animation

Hello everyone,

I have a little animation with 5 plates. I change the scale of green and cyan plates for when the animation is over, all plates do not exceed the first plate (black) (if you do not understand, see the playground).
I change the scale of the green and cyan plates BEFORE animation and all be normal but if I play this animation the green plates be normal and “thickness” of the bleu and cyan plates reducing while animation.

If you have a solution or idea to fix this problem, it would be perfect!

Sorry for my bad english, if you don’t understand something don’t hesitate to ask me, and i can explain in french.

Thank you for your help.

If I understand, the only issue is that the red plate is too large? Could you just manually set it to what you expect it to be? Also
meshsPads[].scaling.x = 1 - json900[0].thickness/iterator.whith
should be
meshsPads[].scaling.x = 1 - json900[0].thickness/iterator.width

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No I want to the red and cyan plates make the same larges of other plate. Like before the animation.

I solved my problem. I just be removed scaling and I move the pivot for rotating these plates.

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