Project "Professional Letter Animation"

I will start writing a framework for such an animation today. Who would like to join raise your hand! :slight_smile: So we can split the tasks.


Sorry for the delay… I work on several constructions at the same time and also have a full-time job! :slight_smile:

Algorithm of the letter movements

  1. First define some points in space
  2. calculate a Bezier Curve through this spots
  3. Iterate point (sphere) on this curve
  4. use the x and z of the current sphere position for the letter (black box) position

I am looking for a better blur effect like this one:

But it seems that there are different versions of GLSL. Which one can I use in BJ like here:

And where are the fundamental documentation about using GLSL in BJ?

Well the ShaderMaterial is your entry point. What is your question?

Thank you for the hint, Deltakosh,

I was looking for this

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