Project Snowball - Winter is coming (a 4.2 demo) coming Dec. 2, 2020

Hello Babylon community,
After this first 10-month of my study of the new and improved Babylon.js framework and as a result of my apprenticeship (and also my first ‘personal project’ after 25-years serving the brand’s digital com), I’m now happy to announce that (and then, despite of Covid, climate change and all the rest), once again, during this December 2020 and for all of us in the northern hemisphere, ‘Winter will be coming’. I can guarantee at least that. As for my project, hopefully it will be available the same time;) Let me already wish you all a happy and a safe winter :mountain_snow: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:


This looooks so coool, I want to try it !!!

I too! :grin:

Thank you for your comments and interest. I will try to post a screenshot every 2-3 days until release and (if i have the time) a small video.
Here’s a screenshot of a sunset ambiance I like:


Snow is announced to come here in Switzerland this week (I mean in real life:). :ski: :ice_skate: :snowman_with_snow:

I’m not sure yet about the release date of my project :thinking: but meanwhile, here are 2 more screenshots:

Have a snowy day:) :snowboarder:


This looks so pretty !!!

This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood Pixar shorts with the snow globe. Very very pretty! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for these nice comments.
I’m sorry I had to delay the launch of this early alpha for the end of the week.
Currently setting the animations on the 2D GUI buttons (as you can see in the 2 screenshots below).

Next, will still need to make at least a little bit of scene optimization and a fix on some textures.
Will be back shortly :mountain_snow: :evergreen_tree: Stay tuned,

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