Question about warnings?

I have two UI elements that I know I needed to force positions so I couldn’t set the dimensions for them. But there’s warnings that are being logged that I would like to be able to remove.

  1. Is there a way to disable global warnings in the config or anywhere?
  2. Is there also a console command that I can use to find these objects by their unique ID so that I can fix them? I completely forgot what elements they are in code.
  1. They cannot be removed because this is really problem you should avoid
  2. Inspector should be able to display your entire GUI
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I fully understand and agree, but I need these to not have dimensions to hack them into place.

I’m unable to find specific UI elements with the inspector, is there specifically something I’m missing?

You should be able to do something like that:

    advancedTexture.executeOnAllControls(c => {
        if (c.uniqueId === 73) {

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