Question Regarding Polycount

If I have a scene that has some characters in it and I want the desktop version to have a higher polycount characters (say 10000 polycount per character) vs. tablet/mobile with 5000 polycount, what would be the best approach to doing this? Should I do it by hand in which I swap out the character meshes (from a desktop version to a mobile version) in code on mobile devices or is there a way to automate this somehow?

Personally, I’d create low and high detail versions of all assets e.g. "hero_hi.glb" and "hero_lo.glb", detect whether mobile or not, then in your asset loader load either the set of low or high detail assets, but ensure the name of each asset is not suffixed with "_hi" or "_lo". This way you can do all the conditional loading of assets at the beginning and be agnostic about which version of each asset you’re using thereafter with e.g. scene.getNodeByName("hero").

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@inteja Thanks for the input. Can you clarify that you mean I would create my assets for mobile (hero_lo) and desktop (hero_hi), then in my code check to see if the viewport is mobile or desktop, then load the assets based on the screen size and name the mesh “hero” so I can call it simply as “hero” later on in my code?

Yep I think you get it. It also allow to have an high and low textures set, which is great.

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