Ratio of solved topics in this forum

Dears, I was just wondering: Does anyone of yours find it amazing the ratio and response time of solved problems in this very forum. @RaananW @PirateJC @Deltakosh , Would you share with us/the community some of these stats which (the way I feel/sense it) could be well above average?…
And then for all community members: Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and XP just right here.
I wish everyone a BJS and trouble-free day,

DIscourse does not give us this metric but this is something we are all working hard on (I mean getting as much answers as possible)

I actually expected everything except this answer.

Even if this metric was available it would not be accurate, there are a lot of threads that are solved but not flagged as such…


Yes, this is true. But it’s true for all. It’s just a different metric/stat