registerOnPhysicsCollide fires more than once

Is there a way to detect a collision only once? I was testing the registerOnPhysicsCollide, but it seems that it fires more than once when it hits the ground, even with restitution: 0

Take a look: Babylon.js Playground

Im trying to play a grounded sound effect once my character hits the ground, but in my situation it keeps firing constantly and I’m not sure how to solve it. In my specific situation even whe the character seems to be grounded the sound effect keeps playing constantly.

cc @Cedric

A mesh that is on the “ground” still collides with the ground, makes sense to me.

I suppose you could unregister it on colision and register again as needed? E.g, if your character jumps or falls

But it should keeps firing in this case, but it isn’t what is happening, it fires more than once, but it stops at some point also. It feels a little inconsistent to me :confused:

But your solution could work actually, I’ll test it!