Release some internal implementations as stand alone packages

It is not a proper feature request, but I have to praise some implementations on Babylon that stands out from general implementations out there (on npm for instance).

For instance, the Observable package is so good that I would like to use it on my projects even without using Babylon.

My suggestion would be to take the implementations from Misc that can be reused on other projects, and publish them as stand-alone packages.

My main suggestion is Observable, but it is noticeable that others, like smartArray, dataStorage, timer, etc…

Thanks a lot for this, @Deltakosh will be so happy with your comment :slight_smile:

cc @RaananW

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Thanks a ton
One solution is to use tree shaking and reference the current package

It should remove everything else if you only use observable :slight_smile:


Yep, that is what currently I’m doing.
It is just that seems natural seeing that in the future :smile: