Rendering order, initial scene blend?

I have a scene with a ground, water, and houses on the ground. The houses are rendered first, then the water, then the ground.

That way, the houses look like they are floating in a vacuum while the water and the ground are not there, yet.

Is there a way to have an influence on that order? The order in which I created them was: ground, water, houses. The rendering order is houses, water, ground.

By the way: Is there a way to render all this “in the dark” and then make the whole scene visible at once, like in a movie when there is a nice gradual blend from complete black screen to the real image?

You can probably use something like this Create a custom loading screen - Babylon.js Documentation

Sounds good! Thank you, I’ll try that!

Sounds like you are appending multiple Babylon files. You could just delay even registering a render and do it in a scene.executeWhenReady callback.

On mobile, so no example, but check a post I did yesterday.

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Thanks a lot. The executeWhenReady() did the job!

I was not appending multiple Babylon files, I was doing it in code. But never mind, now it works!

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