RenderTargetTexture not working on Oculus Quest 2

For a world map in VR I use RenderTargetTexture. But (like you can see in the video) the controller (and in my case the map itself) multiplies. Is this a bug, or do I just use the RenderTargetTexture wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Video: Dropbox - com.oculus.browser-20210901-234643.mp4 - Simplify your life


  • Babylon.js Version: 4.2.0
  • Oculus Quest Version:
  • Oculus Browser Version:
  • Chromium Version: 91.0.4472.164

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Playground on the Oculus Quest 2 (Note: this is not reproducible in Chrome on desktop).
  • Change version to 4.2.0.
  • Enter VR.
  • Notice that the controller is duplicating.

Adding @RaananW for the VR part but could you check on latest 5.0 preview if it is all ok ?

This has been observed before. WebXR, or at least Occulus’s implementation is not going to do additional cameras.

I just banked the render time of the extra camera, even with multi-view implemented, this would not have help here, and put it into another idea.

This seem slike a clear issue more than an RTT issue.

I haven’t tried RTT in oculus and will do it very soon, but just to be sure - is the problem the fact that your controller “repeats” like a good’ole windows error?

is the problem the fact that your controller “repeats” like a good’ole windows error?

Yes. Some other meshes are also repeated.


That seems to be a clear issue to me, but I am not sure what happens. What I can say is that RTT does work on the oculus (i am using oculus 1, but i doubt it has anything to do with the quest’s version). Does this work for you?

Thanks for looking into this!
Unfortunately it doesn’t work either. With version 4.2.0 it has the same effect and with version 5.0 it is just dark.

That’s odd. Can you send a screenshot?
This seems to be a quest 2 thing. On my quest it works well. I’ll check 4.2 to be sure.

Sure. Let me know if you need any more information.