Reposition the characte mixamo

Hi, I’m working with Mixamo, Blender and exporting in Gltf …

but I have a doubt I use mixamo animations in inplace mode because I do not know how to relocate the character with animations where the position changes, is there a way to reposition the character when the animation finishes with respect to the completion of the animation?



I think so, you can handle the onAnimationEnd and jsut make sure to goToFrame(0) ?

Hello, thanks for answering :slight_smile: I do not know if I explain myself :aturdido: I mean that if I have the character in point A or example of x = 0; and in the animation there is translation from A to B simulated at the end of the animation the character will return to the cordenanda x = 0; and not to the last position in the animation to point B …

this in more complex animations as I could identify the last position of the character

OK gotcha.
What you can do on animation end if then to just move your mesh.position right?

But do you know the distance covered by the animation? You can probably get a sense of it by calling mesh.updateBoundingInfo(true) before and after to see where the mesh really is

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