Requirements 3DS Max to run babylon.JS Exporter

Dear new Forum Happy Christmas, Lucky New Year.
Im new here.

On Github the Requirements are described
Install Visual Studio (community editon works)
Install 3dsmax.
For me not enough specific.

Visual Studio (community editon works)
2012 2015 or 2017 ?

3DSMax 2014 2016 or 2018 ?

W7Ult64 W8 or W10 ?

Are there other required software components?

Dear forum members what configurations are you use?

Thank you

To only export you just need 3dsmax 2017 or more.
No need for visual studio if you do not plan to update the exporter

Win 7 8 or 10 as long as 3dsmax works

Hi Deltakosh
Thanks for your swift answer

My development machine has no internet connection.
so if i want to update the babylon.JS Exporter i simply can donwnload the lates version from Github
i suppose.

I could install everything.
Here my configuration.

W7 Ult 64 Sp1 latest Update 12.12.2018
3dsMax 2018
Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 (needs the lates Updates of W7)

I’m afraid the vs projects are for 2017