Rotation of scaled meshes

Having two scaled meshes. One is the parent of the other. On rotating the parent (hinge) the meshes changes there size.

@Cedric can you please have a look?

I’m on it

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I’m not sure to understand, with or without rotation, boxes have the same size :

When parented, mesh scaling is cumulated between parent and children.

Hi @Cedric,

this is a snapshot from my example in the chrome browser:

I would have assumed that the scaling does not change even if the box is assigned to a hinge. But if this is the defined behavior I am fine with and would avoid scaling in my projects in the future.

but this one is really buggy :slight_smile:

No, there is no issue. It depends on the order of operation. Box2 get scaled in world or local coordinates depending when you attach it with its parent.

See :

ok. ticket closed.

The story behind: I created a human body with head, body, arms and legs connected by hinges and just wanted to change the scaling factor of each body part for each individual created body. Now I have to operate with own mesh vertice manipulations…

if you only change the scale of the root transform, it will be an uniform scale.